Leonardo DiCaprio Is Chillin’ In Miami

Only a jingle could express these photos.

There once was a guy named Leo
He smoked on his electric cigarette
He leaned back and relaxed
And his chest was not waxed
And he felt good, on that I could bet

ID: 866535

The story progresses as he sips on his shake
Some coffee
Some chocolate
To help him awake?

ID: 866536

But wait! There’s more!
There was an itch in his nose
So he scratched and he picked
We all do it, fo’ sho’s

ID: 866563

But now this poem is over BECAUSE HE’S A SHOOBIE AHHHHHH!!!

ID: 866564

7. The End.

ID: 866669

Photos: Splash News

ID: 866609

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