Kimmy Gibbler And DJ Tanner Will Always And Forever Be BFFs

Even though Full House was scripted, the friendships were real. *Heartwarming music plays and show fades to black*

1. Kimmy and DJ were the best duo of the ’90s.

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2. A true friendship was witnessed on television.

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3. Even though Kimmy was the Urkel of Full House, DJ stood by her BFF.

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4. Maybe you thought once the cameras stopped rolling they’d wipe the lipstick off their teeth and part ways.

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5. But NOPE! Because 13 years later and they are STILL best friends. In real life.

ID: 1341939

6. They do sports activities together:

ID: 1341414

12. Feed each other ice cream:

ID: 1341417

13. Reunite with their former co-stars:

ID: 1341418

15. Hang with people:

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16. And obsess over New Kids On The Block together:

ID: 1342147

17. They even went to a NKOTB concert together:

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18. This is what Candace Cameron made for Andrea Barber on her birthday:

ID: 1341953

19. So basically DJ and Kimmy are the bestest friends forever.

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20. The End.

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