Kevin Bacon Is Really Good At The Internet

Though with the last name Bacon, how could he not be.

1. First of all, he’s really good at taking selfies.

ID: 1155986

2. He gets it.

ID: 1156098

3. He’s like the selfie man:

ID: 1155985

4. Sometimes they are emo:

ID: 1155980

5. Sometimes they are up close:

ID: 1156149

6. Sometimes he wears hats:

ID: 1156457

7. Sometimes he’s sleeping at the gym:

ID: 1156557

8. And sometimes his dogs join him!

ID: 1155988

9. Speaking of, he’s really good at dressing up his dog. Here is “smart dog”

ID: 1155977

10. Here’s “clown dog”

ID: 1155979

11. Here’s “rasta dog”

ID: 1155978

12. Here’s “princess dog”

ID: 1155981

13. Here’s “fairy dog”

ID: 1155984

14. And here’s “jester dog”

ID: 1155982

15. Also, he has a little doll friend named “Mr. Bacon”

ID: 1156144

16. He takes him places, like on planes.

ID: 1156145

17. And in hot tubs.

ID: 1156146

18. Not to mention he’s romantic and loves posting photos of him and his wife Kyra Sedgwick.

ID: 1156264

19. Especially old ones where his hair looks silly.

ID: 1156147

20. But also recent ones because they are cute.

ID: 1156148

21. And I haven’t even started on his vine game yet. IT’S GREAT.

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ID: 1156356

22. He likes to sing.

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ID: 1156397

23. He can sing about anything really.

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ID: 1156392

24. Plus he makes up riveting stories, like this one.

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ID: 1156389

25. And if they are bad (which of course they wouldn’t be) he apologizes:

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ID: 1156361

26. In conclusion: Thumbs up to you Kevin!

ID: 1156456

27. Very good interneting!

ID: 1156095

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