Donald Faison And Zach Braff Are The Ultimate Best Friends

Can’t think of a better IRL celebrity friendship.

It all started way back when, when it was just Turk and J.D.

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1. Now look at them.

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2. They are the BEST best friends in hollyweird.

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3. The ORIGINAL bromance.

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4. Buds…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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5. Soul brothers:

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6. Zach was a groomsmen in Donald’s wedding…

FameFlynet Pictures
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7. …and only besties would know to make the same face at the same time.

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8. Wait, what’s that?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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9. Oh, just Zach and Donald singing an adorable duet together:

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10. Christmas music not your thing? Okay, how about them being political together.

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11. If you’re going to vote on anything, vote them at BFFs of 2013.

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12. Sorry, are we moving too fast? Let’s take a sneaky hug break:

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13. Okay, good. now look at Zach touching Donald’s breast area:

Matthew Simmons / Getty Images
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14. It’s pretty obvious this isn’t just any old friendship…

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15. Have you SEEN Donald’s neck tattoo?

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16. Zach showers Donald with gifts:

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17. And knows how to make him happy:

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18. Plus these two can be totally honest with each other.

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19. Still need more proof?! Just look at any one of these photos:

Alexandra Wyman / WireImage
ID: 1000361

20. The “butt grab”:

Michael Tran / FilmMagic
ID: 1000362

21. The “two faces become one”:

Charbonneau / WireImage
ID: 1000364

22. The “side hug”:

Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic
ID: 1000366

23. And the “bear hug”:

Joseph Marzullo/Wenn.com
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24. Not only do these two share a tennis racket, but a place in each others heart…

ID: 1000307

25. …and a brown bong:

ID: 996789

26. They are BFFs for life.

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27. It’s guy love!

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28. <3

Alberto E. Rodriguez / WireImage
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