Daniel Baldwin Wants Everyone To Know When He Wakes Up

Fun fact: every morning, Daniel Baldwin (brother of Alec Baldwin) tweets “I’m Up.” This is important, and HERE IS THE PROOF.

1. We begin on November 25th (because to go back any further would just be silly):

2. November 26th:

3. November 27th:

4. November 28th:

5. November 29th:

6. December 1st:

7. December 2nd:

8. December 3rd:

9. December 4th:

10. December 5th:

11. December 6th:

12. December 7th:

13. December 8th:

14. December 9th:

15. December 10th:

16. December 13th:

17. December 18th:

18. December 24th:

19. December 27th:

20. December 28th:

21. December 29th:

22. December 30th:

23. December 31st:

24. January 4th:

25. January 5th:

26. January 8th:

27. January 7th:

28. January 10th:

29. January 11th:

30. January 14th:

31. January 15th:

32. January 16th:

33. January 19th:

34. January 20th:

35. January 21st:

36. January 22nd:

37. January 23rd:

38. And finally, today, January 24th:

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