Aubrey Plaza’s Deadpanning 28 Times

But she’s also really really funny, so here are 28 funny things she said. Happy birthday Aubrey!!

1. “Amy said she trusted me, that I would know the right thing to say on her behalf. So… on behalf of Amy, I want to thank the devil and all the dark lords!”

ID: 392657

2. “I was an intern for Samba Post-Its and one day my job was to literally wallpaper a bathroom with Post-Its.”

ID: 392660

3. ” I don’t know. Am I famous? Sometimes I get really great shampoo for free.”

ID: 392667

4. ” I’m lucky if I don’t spend the entire day watching Bravo and staring at the wall.”

ID: 392668

5. “I worked myself until I was hospitalized, which is how I like to do it. I like to just blow it out until I’m almost dead.”

ID: 392673

6. “I’m too awkward to date, I think. I’m kind of all or nothing, you know? Either put a baby inside of me or leave me alone.”

ID: 393036

7. “I’m terrible at time traveling.”

ID: 392677

8. “I went to Catholic school, so a plaid skirt, a button-down, and leather shoes were all I know. That’s still how I dress.”

ID: 392681

9. “I have been obsessed with Judy Garland since I was 12.”

ID: 392682

10. “Old people can go fuck themselves”

ID: 392767

11. ” I wish I was fluent [in Spanish]. My family speaks to me in Spanish, and I respond in English.”

ID: 392692

12. “The more stuff I do the more free stuff I get, which is kind of nice.”

ID: 392693

14. “I feel like I’m peaking now — maybe I should just call it and quit!”

ID: 392722

15. “I might go back to seventh grade and tell myself not to wear those chain ball necklaces or those JNCO jeans that were really wide.”

ID: 392725

16. “Fuck you old people, I’m going to live forever!”

ID: 392727

17. ” The more naked Shia [Labeouf] we can see, the better.”

ID: 392731

18. “Delaware is so fucking weird, but so great.”

ID: 392734

19. “I’m always like, “I think I’m just gonna play Boulder Dash with my friends and then watch Battlestar Galactica.”

ID: 392736

20. “Me and Miley Cyrus have so much in common. It’s crazy.”

ID: 392745

21. “If Nas Approves, I approve”

ID: 392996

22. “The thing about me is that it looks like there’s just a storm brewing… It’s a smoke and mirrors. It’s an illusion. There’s nothing happening in here. I know nothing.”

ID: 393000

23. “I was definitely a weirdo. I don’t know where it came from. It just kind of happened out of nowhere.”

ID: 393042

24. “When I was a kid I really wanted to be an old woman.”

ID: 393069

25. “I see Nicolas Cage movies. I watch really bad reality television… I know, I’m a disappointment.”

ID: 393762

26. “I fell down a mountain yesterday…yeah, I think it was a mountain.”

ID: 393763

27. “The Internet is pretty much how I got where I am.”

ID: 393809

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