An Ode To Chris Evans, Brilliant Actor And Good Person

What a heart of gold this guy has.

1. Let’s talk about Chris Evans for a second…

ID: 1003230

2. And how’s he’s such a great actor.

ID: 1002857

3. Like, A + acting.

ID: 1002886

4. He’s really committed to his roles.

ID: 1002838

5. And is probably always on time to set.

ID: 1002843

6. The crew must love him because I bet he makes everyone laugh.

ID: 1002853

7. But also, he seems really kind.

ID: 1002874

8. And very family oriented.

ID: 1002879

9. He probably showers his mom with gifts…

ID: 1002934

10. And his Dad is named Bob Evans.

ID: 1002856

11. I heard Chris loves to help old people carry their groceries.

ID: 1002950

12. And is really into giving back in the community.

ID: 1002956

13. It wouldn’t be fair to not mention how beautiful his eyes are.

ID: 1002970

14. NO. NO. This isn’t about the physical him. It’s about the beauty inside of him.

ID: 1002974

15. He’s a real class act.

ID: 1002987

16. A true humanitarian.

ID: 1002980

17. No doubt he’d save a cat from a burning tree.

ID: 1002988

18. Or help a blind man cross the street.

ID: 1003029

19. I bet he’d even help birth a baby cow if the chance arose.

ID: 1003007

20. So yeah, Chris Evans might have nice eyes.

©20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection
ID: 1003490

21. But why don’t you just think about HIS NICE MIND.

ID: 1003125

22. And sense of humor.

ID: 1003156

23. And generosity.

©New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection
ID: 1003496

24. And thank the lord that we were given such a wonderful human.

©Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection
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