All The Evidence We Have That Leonardo DiCaprio Had A Ridiculously Fun 39th Birthday Party

2 Chainz and Kanye West performed at Tau nightclub in New York for Leo’s birthday extravaganza.

1. Apparently Leo spent most of the night dancing by the stage.

ID: 1948168

2. Throwing his hands up and down…

ID: 1948183

3. Generally having a grand ol’ time…

ID: 1948194

4. And kissing this girl:

ID: 1948155

5. Then Kanye told the crowd what Leo meant to him:

ID: 1948262

6. And 2 Chainz made his speech:

ID: 1948214

7. And then brought Leo up on stage to toast to the birthday boy:

ID: 1948163

8. And told him that he knows he’s been working hard:

ID: 1948151

9. And they had a moment:

ID: 1948310

10. And Kim Kardashian was there too and took this picture:

ID: 1948361

11. And shot this video of Kanye performing while a couple in the crowd makes out the whole time:

View this embed ›

ID: 1948354

12. Unfortunately Leo spent the whole night looking at the inside of his newsboy cap and didn’t even realize he was in a club:

ID: 1948320

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