A Photo Recap Of Kim Kardashian’s Trip To Kuwait

As told by her Instagrams.

1. First she arrived in Kuwait. Kim Kardashian in Kuwait: It rolls off the tongue beautifully.

“Just touched down in Kuwait!!! Riding to the hotel now! So excited to be here!”

ID: 726863

2. Then she met with the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait.

“Meeting with the US Ambassador to Kuwait, Matthew Tueller”

ID: 726862

3. After, she went somewhere and got these rainbow-themed beverages.

“Kuwaiti refreshments”

ID: 726861

4. Then Kim wore this dress in what looks like a very large and marbly hotel room.

“Loving Kuwaiti designers! Thank you Laila M. Hanbali for these vintage pieces!”

ID: 726860

5. Bottoms up!!! She drank a Pepsi along the way. (BOOO! TEAM COKE!)

“I love the Pepsi cans here! I hope it’s diet!”

ID: 726859

6. Then she went to Millions of Milkshakes while wearing this dress.

Getty Images
ID: 726970

7. At this point in the trip she missed Kanye. So she uploaded this photo of her butt and Kanye.

“I miss you so much.”

ID: 726953

8. Then she went to Bahrain. And saw camels!

“Camels in the desert of Bahrain”

ID: 726857

9. Then she posed with the camels and did the universal sign for peace.

ID: 726856

10. Then she posed again with the camels.

“Such a fun day in Bahrain!!!”

ID: 726855

11. Then she drank their milk.

“Got Camels Milk???”

ID: 726870

And that concludes Kim’s trip to Kuwait and Bahrain, as told by her photos.

ID: 726981

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