A Dog Adopts A Baby White Lion Cub And It’s Adorable

My heart is melting.

1. This is Lejon and Jojo:

ID: 477059

2. Lejon is a 2-year-old pointer mongrel, and Jojo is a 3-week-old white lion cub. They are both energetic guys.

ID: 477060

3. Lejon is Jojo’s adoptive dad. Jojo was adopted because his mother had an infection from the umbilical chord and couldn’t take care of him.

ID: 477061

4. Now Lejon gets to take care of Jojo, with the help of a human caretaker who bottle feeds him.

ID: 477058

5. Lejon is more like a step-brother to Jojo.

ID: 477057

6. They really love each other!

ID: 477069

7. It’s adorable.

ID: 477070

Photos: Udo Richter/Barcroft Media/Landov

ID: 477261

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