A Day In The Life Of You And Your Tamagotchi

You weren’t living until you had one of these.

1. You woke up and checked your Tamagotchi. Rise and shine little guy!

ID: 948236

2. He was hungry. It was time for the first meal of the day.

ID: 948290

3. And then poop #1.

ID: 958236

4. On the bus ride to school you got to spend some quality time with your tiny friend.

ID: 957963

5. Mostly he just bobbed around on the screen.

ID: 958030

6. But bobbing is tiring! So it took a nap while you were in class.

ID: 957934

7. Oh cool, your Tamagotchi pooped again while you were in history, and then it hated you.

ID: 948261

8. But you cleaned it up, and he took a shower…

ID: 957928

9. So it was happy again!

ID: 948257

10. And then it just looked at you with it’s tiny little eyes.

ID: 958329

11. So you fed it…

ID: 958015

12. …and it EVOLVED and grew that beak thing!

ID: 957831

13. And then you guys had to play some games together so that it got exercise and stayed fit.

ID: 957956

14. OH DARN. The teacher saw you and told you to put it away or she’ll confiscate it.

ID: 958048

15. After class you checked on it, it had pooped again .

ID: 958004


ID: 958307

17. And then…IT DIED.

ID: 948251

18. Off to Tamagotchi heaven it went.

ID: 958016

19. And then all you could do is reset it and start again.

ID: 957733

20. And wait for your next friend to hatch.

ID: 957985

21. The End.

ID: 958215

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