Why You Should Never Date A Vampire

Friends don’t let friends date the undead.

1. OK, there’s a new vampire on your radar.

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2. You’re thinking about asking him to prom.

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3. Or at least to make out a bunch.

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4. Believe me, I get the appeal.

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5. They’re not like other guys.

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6. But before you dive in, there’s a lot to consider.

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7. Vampires are intense.

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8. It’s cute at first, but then it’s too much.

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9. They start making impossible demands.

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10. They expect too much of you.

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12. They have terrible impulse control.

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13. It WILL rub off on you.

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14. They’re conceited.

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15. With good reason. But still.

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16. They’re not great with people.

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17. They can’t dance.

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18. They’re disdainful of normal human activities.

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19. It’s not your fault they’re awkward.

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20. They speak in dumb cliches.

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21. And pout when they don’t get their way.

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22. I mean, they get REALLY emotional.

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23. And you do NOT want them crying on you.

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24. Or they’re impossible to figure out.

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25. They’re too close to their creepy families.

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27. They have awkward boundaries with your friends.

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28. You have to put up with their weird vampire politics.

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29. They get off on being scary.

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30. And they have this thing about watching you sleep.

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31. Your fellow humans will never understand.

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32. Because at the end of the day, they’re still vampires.

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33. No matter how badly you want to believe that they’re good.

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34. Things always get messy.

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35. They’ll make you cry.

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36. They break things.

ID: 887643

37. Sometimes they just can’t keep their fangs to themselves.

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38. They might even end up killing you.

ID: 887277

39. And look what you’re doing to the werewolf.

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