Why Do You Hate Instagrams Of Brunch?

Let’s work through this together.

1. This is an Instagram of someone’s brunch.

ID: 899835

2. Does it make your blood boil?

ID: 899840

3. Do you hate the person who took this?

ID: 899846

4. Are you never going on Instagram again?

ID: 899853

5. Take a step back. Breathe. Look at the photos.

ID: 899875

6. Brunch is a beautiful thing.

ID: 899880

7. We should all be celebrating it, not condemning those who do.

ID: 899897

8. Why does this make you angry?

ID: 899905

9. Why does this make you want to confiscate everyone’s phones?

ID: 899912

10. Accept that food is pretty.

ID: 899928

11. And brunch food is some of the prettiest.

ID: 899887

12. Maybe you’re not angry after all.

ID: 899931

13. Maybe you’re just hungry.

ID: 899939

14. Could that be the sensation that you’re feeling?

ID: 899945

15. It’s not rage that makes you pull away. It’s jealousy.

ID: 899955

16. Consider your own relationship with brunch.

ID: 899922

17. Treat yourself to a hearty meal.

ID: 899976

18. Because you deserve it.

ID: 899987

19. Sit back. Relax. Take an Instagram.

ID: 900012

20. And enjoy.

ID: 900016

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