24 Times Homer Simpson Was Right

You might want to rethink that “Homer Is a Dope” shirt.

1. When he improved on fruit.

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2. When he expressed his interests.

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3. When he handled a spill correctly.

ID: 3257663

4. When he stated the obvious.

ID: 3257661

5. When he knew how to end a conversation.

ID: 3257651

6. When he found the humor in his body.

ID: 3257659

7. When he told hard truths.

ID: 3257714

8. When he understood commerce.

ID: 3257712

9. When he correctly identified a country.

ID: 3257681

10. When he had the correct reaction to team sports.

ID: 3257742

11. When he discovered the best way to exercise.

ID: 3257685

12. When he taught the right lessons.

ID: 3257711

13. When he was deeply bitter.

ID: 3257654

14. When he explained democracy.

ID: 3257743

15. When he found a shortcut.

ID: 3257649

16. When he knew where to hide.

ID: 3257657

17. When he respected the feelings of a non-human creature.

ID: 3257655

18. When he saw his inner sexy.

ID: 3257689

19. When he didn’t want to grow up.

ID: 3257720

20. When he knew exactly what to do in bed.

ID: 3257686

21. When he picked the right outfit to flatter his shape.

ID: 3257653

22. When he understood the futility of human existence.

ID: 3257660

23. When he was wiser than anyone realized.

ID: 3257656

24. And when he made this astute observation.

ID: 3257740

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