This Is How You Get Sucked Into An “SVU” Marathon

You blink and suddenly you’ve spent your entire day watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. What is this sorcery?!

1. You’re flipping channels when you stumble on an episode of SVU. And it’s JUST STARTING.

ID: 1146697

2. You can’t just not watch.

ID: 1146699

3. Here we go. But hey, you can watch just one, right?

ID: 1146706


ID: 1146709

6. Deep breaths. Maybe it won’t be like last time.

ID: 1146721

7. You’re instantly drawn in.

ID: 1146725

9. Everyone’s so sharp and sassy!

ID: 1146955

11. But then it’s over. And you need more.

ID: 1146753

12. And just like that, SVU owns your ass.

ID: 1146731

13. The next one’s a Law & Order crossover episode. You have to watch that.

ID: 1146761

14. Ugh, and then it’s a new one with A.D.A. Barba. Can’t turn THAT off.

ID: 1146766

15. Then back to a classic episode with Alex Cabot. The sexual tension. It compels you!

ID: 1146783

16. You’re just about to change channels when OH MY GOD DID ALEX CABOT JUST GET SHOT.

ID: 1146769

17. Yeah. OK. This isn’t ending any time soon.

ID: 1146773

18. Each case is more fucked up than the next. You can’t look away.

ID: 1146792

19. And there’s Casey Novak, being awesome.

ID: 1146796

20. And a Dr. Huang episode! B.D. Wong is the best.

ID: 1147049

21. What’s that? You have other things to do?

ID: 1146798

22. Just give in. Enjoy the cringeworthy subject matter.

ID: 1146808

23. Enjoy Rollins’ Southern drawl.

ID: 1146813

24. Enjoy special guest star Aaron Tveit!

ID: 1147060

25. And hey, maybe Olivia and Elliot will finally hook up. It could happen. Couldn’t it?

ID: 1146824

26. But. But they’re so close!

ID: 1146840

27. Seriously, not a possibility. But you should keep watching just in case!

ID: 1146852

28. Just one more horrifying case.

ID: 1146858

29. One more amazing Olivia moment.

ID: 1146863

30. One more stirring conclusion.

ID: 1146856

31. Now it’s late. You’ve spent your whole day watching SVU. You’ve lost faith in humanity.

ID: 1146888

32. Nothing makes sense anymore.

ID: 1146893

33. It’s too late for you. Accept your new fate as an SVU addict and a lost soul.

ID: 1146921

34. And wait, yes, is that — ANOTHER marathon is starting. It never ends.

ID: 1146933

35. Maybe one day you can go back to your normal life.

ID: 1146945

36. But not yet.

ID: 1146949

37. Because right now, it’s time for more SVU.

ID: 1146975

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