22 Things You Miss About Alaric

The Vampire Diaries’ father figure is gone but not forgotten. In honor of Matt Davis’ birthday, here’s an ode to Mr. Saltzman.

2. His love for Jenna. (Whom you also miss.)

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3. His bromance with Damon.

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4. And the unspoken love between them.

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5. His geeky side.

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6. His pep talks.

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7. His attempts at normalcy.

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8. All stemming from his desire to be a good surrogate dad to Elena and Jeremy.

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10. His laughable dance skills.

ID: 1152572

11. His confused face.

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12. His appreciation of Ben & Jerry’s.

ID: 1152792

13. And that chest hair.

ID: 1152647

14. And his ensuing gay icon status.

ID: 1152764

15. His use of the word “dick.”

ID: 1152720

16. His benders.

ID: 1152630

17. Really his mild alcoholism in general.

ID: 1152696

18. His lost soul status.

ID: 1152800

19. His ability to acknowledge good hair.

ID: 1152749

20. His bittersweet goodbye.

ID: 1152569

21. Specifically his SINGLE TEAR.

ID: 1152609

22. Every goddamn thing about him, really.

ID: 1152802

It’s OK to miss Alaric. It’s natural.

ID: 1152808

And don’t forget: he misses you, too.

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