26 Things We’ve Learned From "The Mindy Project" This Season

As the first season of The Mindy Project comes to a close, let’s reflect on what Mindy and company have taught us.

1. When you’re stuck in uncomfortable surroundings, turn to the internet.

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2. Know your body type, and own it.

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3. The same goes for your personality quirks.

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4. There is no situation that can’t be improved by fast food.

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5. Or a puppy.

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6. Know your rights.

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7. Don’t let other people label you.

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8. Remember, your past does not define you.

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9. Always match your attire to your destination.

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10. Make sure you have that perfect outfit ready when you need it.

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11. Be clear about your boundaries with co-workers.

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12. You’re an adult. Don’t try to keep up with the young people.

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13. Time management means prioritizing your activities.

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14. Learn how to interact with children. Or don’t. Whatever.

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15. Don’t underestimate the power of a weird pick-up line.

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16. Theoretical celebrity Instagrams is valid first date conversation.

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17. Sometimes movie references really are the best way to communicate.

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18. Be wary of men who try too hard to act mature.

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19. And anyone you meet on the subway.

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20. Showering together is never as sexy as you’d think.

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21. Make sure you’re not just hearing what you want to hear.

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22. Don’t be afraid to change for the right guy.

ID: 1171973

23. Not everyone needs to know what you did last night.

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24. Make sure you’re opening up to someone who cares.

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25. There’s never a wrong time for a group pic.

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26. Because these are memories you’ll want to remember.

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