19 Things We Learned From Season 3 Of “Girls”

This show is highly educational. SPOILER ALERT!

1. You will definitely run into that ex whose calls you stopped returning.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661258

2. Just because being sober might feel dull at times, that doesn’t mean it’s not exactly what you need.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO
ID: 2661476

3. A cat is not the solution to all your problems.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661302

4. Neither is rebounding with your friend’s ex.

Craig Blankenhorn/Girls
ID: 2661325

5. A funeral is the wrong time to ask about your book deal.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661290

6. When in doubt, fake it.

Jessica Miglio / HBO
ID: 2661273

7. You may get a second chance, but you will not get a third, fourth, and fifth one.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO
ID: 2661338

8. You are no more special or gifted than your co-workers.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO
ID: 2661350

9. Do not underestimate the “nice one.” She sees everything.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661364

10. A little role-playing can spice up any relationship, but set ground rules beforehand.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661443

11. Cherish the time you have with your loved ones.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO
ID: 2661375

12. People die all the time. Some of them may even ask you to help. Be wary.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661386

13. Patti LuPone is right about everything.

Jessica Miglio / HBO
ID: 2661451

14. You can’t win your ex back by pretending that nothing has happened.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661394

15. It is pathological to keep going after guys with girlfriends.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661403

16. When your boyfriend tells you he needs space, listen.

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO
ID: 2661411

17. Your friends are even more talented than you realize.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661425

18. No one likes it when you stage door.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661417

19. Friends and lovers come and go. In the end, happiness comes from within.

Mark Schafer / HBO
ID: 2661437

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