22 Things We Learned From Sadie On "Awkward."

You’re welcome.

1. There’s a difference between being a bitch and being a heartless bitch.

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2. Either way, own it.

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3. And it’s OK to admit some days are worse than others.

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4. Sometimes being a bitch is a good way to make friends.

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5. And sometimes, not so much.

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6. Mean girls have feelings, too.

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7. Don’t expect too much from anyone.

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8. Most people are all hype anyway.

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9. And if you hate someone, she must deserve it.

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10. It’s OK to assume that everyone else is the problem.

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11. Romance sucks.

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12. There’s a time and a place for everything.

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13. You can be your own higher power.

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14. Actions speak louder than words.

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15. Which is not to say the two can’t be combined.

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16. People appreciate “tough love” advice.

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17. The old adage is true.

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18. Your real friends will understand.

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19. And they’ll forgive you, if they’re good people.

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20. Remember, there is NOTHING bitchier than a perfect “You’re welcome.”

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21. You’ve just gotta commit to it.

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22. Even if you don’t say it out loud.

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