The 15 Gayest Nev And Max Moments On “Catfish”

Who cares about the online romances when there’s such obvious passion between Nev and Max?

15. When they bickered like a married couple.

ID: 904729

14. When Nev called Max a bunny rabbit.

ID: 904569

13. When Nev bullied Max into safety.

ID: 904714

12. When they shared a bench.

ID: 904493

11. When Max checked Nev’s teeth.

ID: 904571

10. When they exercised together.

ID: 904710

9. When Max got on his knees for Nev.

ID: 904546

8. When Max wanted to punch Nev’s precious face.

ID: 904742

7. When Nev didn’t want to go anywhere without Max.

ID: 904551

6. When Nev made sure Max was excited.

ID: 904534

5. When a laugh became something more.

ID: 904558

4. When Max had to wake up sleepy Nev.

ID: 904540

3. When Nev had to wake up sleepy Max.

ID: 904567

2. When Nev looked at Max like this, and we knew it was love.

ID: 904721

1. When this happened.

ID: 904574

Bonus: An Unintentionally (?) Gay Valentine From MTV

ID: 904752

Bonus #2: This adorable fan art.

ID: 904757

See you next season, bros.

ID: 904773

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