32 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cher Horowitz

The insightful protagonist of Clueless is anything but. Here are some of Cher’s most valuable lessons.

1. Learn to reject unwanted advances.

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2. Shared interests are a great way to bond with a friend.

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4. The rules of the road are really more suggestions.

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5. Choosing your outfit should be an adventure.

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6. There’s such a thing as having too many clothes.

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7. You’ll never look silly if you have someone to coordinate outfits with.

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8. It’s important to stay as connected as possible to your loved ones.

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9. A great closing line will make people forget everything that came before it.

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10. Under the right circumstances, playing with your food can be adorable.

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11. Being a rich kid doesn’t mean you have to act like a rich kid.

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12. Senior citizens are people, too.

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13. There’s no shame in having high standards.

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14. Sarcasm is the highest form of communication.

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15. Always be ready with a biting comeback.

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16. Use pet names to endear yourself to authority figures.

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17. Fluffy always beats practical.

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18. You don’t have to be a chef to bake something tasty.

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19. Your version of reality is just as valid as someone else’s.

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20. Don’t bother trying to find your soulmate in high school.

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21. Keep it cool when you have a crush.

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22. It’s essential to stay up on current trends.

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23. Shopping sprees are as effective as therapy and only a little more expensive.

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24. Know when to just say no.

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25. When it comes to flirting, don’t try too hard.

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26. The ability to fake laugh is one of your greatest assets.

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27. Guys dig mouth stuff.

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28. Practice subtlety.

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29. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

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30. No one expects you to know everything all the time.

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31. It’s OK to feel a little clueless.

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32. When in doubt, fake it.

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