8 "Mad Men"-Inspired Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Mmmm, tastes like critically acclaimed television.

1. Don Draper

Don is very uncomfortable with what this ice cream might be saying about him. As he should be.

ID: 1018592

2. Peggy Olson

Peggy’s ice cream is frankly sick and tired of being underappreciated. Have you had good peppermint? It’s fantastic.

ID: 1018697

3. Roger Sterling

You’ll never guess what Roger was on when he devised this flavor.

ID: 1018595

4. Joan Harris

This flavor could totally kick your ass. Proceed with caution.

ID: 1018652

5. Pete Campbell

Make sure you have a lot of napkins. This one gets a little oily.

ID: 1018685

6. Megan Draper

This is mostly just an FU to Don. Megan doesn’t really like any sherbet.

ID: 1018594

7. Betty Francis

Just because she shed the pounds doesn’t mean Betty can’t relive her past glory.

ID: 1018596

8. Sally Draper

Sally’s ice cream grew up too fast. Try not to choke on the coffee beans.

ID: 1018600

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