Jorah Mormont Is The Most Friendzoned Character On “Game Of Thrones”

She doesn’t like you that way, bro.

1. It’s not easy being in love with Daenerys Targaryen.

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2. Just ask Jorah Mormont.

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3. No matter how much they go through, he can’t confess his feelings.

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4. And Dany remains COMPLETELY oblivious.

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7. Yeah, OK, Khaleesi. Keep telling yourself that.

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8. He could never compete with Khal Drogo.

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13. And now he has to deal with THIS asshole.

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15. Go away, Ser Barristan Selmy. Jorah had dibs.

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16. All the while, Jorah is falling more in love with his Khaleesi.

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21. And trying to say the right thing. And failing.

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22. Then there’s this hunk Daario Naharis.

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24. And it’s like, just give up, Jorah.

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25. But he’s still trying! Even if Dany clearly doesn’t care.

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28. Not his proudest moment.

ID: 1251195

30. Just … nope.

ID: 1251199

32. It’s tragic, really.

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33. But Dany is never ever changing her mind.

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34. Might as well accept it, Jorah: you’re in the friendzone.

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