All Hail Liza Minnelli

Listen up, divas: you’ve got nothing on Liza.

1. Bow down to Liza Minnelli.

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2. For she is your queen.

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3. In honor of her 67th birthday, let’s a moment to remember that she’s the best there is.

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4. The daughter of Judy Garland, she had a tough act to follow.

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5. But she was able to hold her own.

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6. Liza was always destined for greatness.

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7. Though she did have her troubles.

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8. That’s just made her comebacks all the more impressive.

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9. Of course, we’ll always remember her for “Cabaret.”

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10. Because her Sally Bowles is iconic and flawless.

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12. This right here? No flaws detected.

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13. In recent years, she won new fans with her role as Lucille 2 in “Arrested Development.”

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14. Her comic timing remains exceptional.

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15. And yes, she’s grown wackier with age. But it’s amazing.

Video by the great Rich Juzwiak.

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16. Balls to YOU, Liza.

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17. Every little thing she does is magic.

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18. She’s so great, we can even forgive her for this.

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19. What’s important is that Liza’s still PHENOMENAL. Here she is at the Hollywood Bowl just last year.

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20. And she remains an amazing voice for the LGBT community. Listen to her gorgeous rendition of “What Makes a Man a Man.”

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21. Don’t ever change, Liza.

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22. Because you are PERFECT.

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23. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

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24. And here’s to 67 more.

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