All Hail Liza Minnelli

Listen up, divas: you’ve got nothing on Liza.

1. Bow down to Liza Minnelli.

Danny Martindale / Getty Images

2. For she is your queen.

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

3. In honor of her 67th birthday, let’s a moment to remember that she’s the best there is.

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

4. The daughter of Judy Garland, she had a tough act to follow.

5. But she was able to hold her own.

6. Liza was always destined for greatness.

7. Though she did have her troubles.

8. That’s just made her comebacks all the more impressive.

9. Of course, we’ll always remember her for “Cabaret.”

10. Because her Sally Bowles is iconic and flawless.


12. This right here? No flaws detected.

13. In recent years, she won new fans with her role as Lucille 2 in “Arrested Development.”

14. Her comic timing remains exceptional.

15. And yes, she’s grown wackier with age. But it’s amazing.

Video by the great Rich Juzwiak.

17. Every little thing she does is magic.

18. She’s so great, we can even forgive her for this.

19. What’s important is that Liza’s still PHENOMENAL. Here she is at the Hollywood Bowl just last year.

20. And she remains an amazing voice for the LGBT community. Listen to her gorgeous rendition of “What Makes a Man a Man.”

21. Don’t ever change, Liza.

22. Because you are PERFECT.

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