20 Signs You’re Filburt From “Rocko’s Modern Life”

“I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous, I’m nauseous.”

1. Sometimes you feel like the world is out to get you.

Nickelodeon / Via thisshitisfucked.tumblr.com

2. And really, who can blame you?

Nickelodeon / Via rockogifs.tumblr.com

3. Life feels like a joke that you’re not in on.

Nickelodeon / Via kookie667.tumblr.com

4. You constantly feel judged by everyone around you.

Nickelodeon / Via medea10.tumblr.com

5. You find yourself stuck in the most awkward situations.

Nickelodeon / Via medea10.tumblr.com

6. And even when you try to look cool, you fail.

Nickelodeon / Via doomsday519.tumblr.com

7. Naturally you’re suspicious of everyone around you.

Nickelodeon / Via bumblesbounce.tumblr.com

8. So you cower.

Nickelodeon / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

9. And complain.

Nickelodeon / Via humancarapace.tumblr.com

10. And indulge in your vices.

Nickelodeon / Via mgisella.tumblr.com

11. And it’s aging you beyond your years.

Nickelodeon / Via johnnylurg.tumblr.com

12. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Nickelodeon / Via redrumjuicebox.tumblr.com

13. Luckily, you find distraction in your interests.

Nickelodeon / Via taylorneu.tumblr.com

14. And your sense of humor.

Nickelodeon / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

15. And in the friends who stick by you.

Nickelodeon / Via spankzilla85.tumblr.com

16. Even in the direst situations.

17. So don’t panic.

Nickelodeon / Via hefferparty.tumblr.com

18. The world is a terrifying place, but it’s a little less terrifying with loved ones at your side.

Nickelodeon / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

19. And people like you, even when you’re a neurotic pain in the ass.

Nickelodeon / Via mrfuria.tumblr.com

20. Which means you never really have to worry about being alone.

Nickelodeon / Via loucaltabiano.tumblr.com

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