The 15 Coolest Fan-Made “Looper” Posters And More

Fan art is cropping up by the bushel for the slick new science fiction flick “Looper,” starring Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. Which are your favorites?

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There’s no better way to promote a movie about time travel than to create a retro 8-bit cut of the trailer.

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You know how they say, “Don’t quit your day job”? If the director of the movie praises your creation, maybe it’s time to look into quitting your day job.

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These cupcakes make time travel look delicious. Should we snack on Bruce Willis or Joseph Gordon-Levitt first?

ID: 541958

“I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t know what it means. I don’t know why it exists. I have no answers for you.

But, c’mon. I couldn’t NOT post it.”

(Even Rian Johnson can’t resist Nicolas Cage’s nouveau shamanic technique.)

ID: 541979

Bruno and Augie are obviously ready for their close-ups in this adorable (and somewhat disturbing) “Looper” reenactment. Check that sweet fedora.

ID: 541965

Bruce Willis eyes. They’re watching you. They see your every move.

ID: 542022

Forget electric sheep. This eerie poster is what robots dream of. Perhaps the artist took inspiration from this creepy cast of Joseph Gordon-Levitt head and torso?

ID: 542031

Who knew there was a Pokémon/”Looper” crossover potential?

ID: 542038

Hunting down your future self can get messy, especially when a blunderbuss is involved. That’s why this poster is bandaged up tight.

ID: 542059

Short and sweet, these Lego Loopers (or, uh, Plungers) reenact a scene between Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

ID: 542066

Look close enough, and you might fall down the rabbit hole yourself.

ID: 542079

This old-school comic book vibe goes well with the sci-fi loop-the-loop Johnson and his crew have in store for us in September.

ID: 542084

Look, we all know smoking is bad for you, but this GIF is mesmerizing.

ID: 542095

Sometimes, enthusiasm trumps talent.

(“Looper” composer Nathan Johnson, cousin of writer/director Rian Johnson, found this in Minnesota.)

ID: 542099

Time waits for no Looper, no matter how well he sings and dances with Zooey Deschanel.

ID: 542104

Maybe they can just be best friends and kill people together, instead of each other. That would be a happy ending!

ID: 542110

The Official Trailer:

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