22 Totally Legitimate Excuses For Not Going Out Tonight

Just in case you need to come up with one quickly and convincingly.

1. “I have some scheduled snuggle time.” / Via Reddit: StewPaddasso

2. “UGGH WORK WAS SO DRAINING.” / Via Reddit: DaddysThreeWay

3. “Gotta practice yoga. Namaste, bitches.”


4. “I think I’m supposed to stay in and have an existential crisis.” / Via Reddit: Epitomeofabnormal

5. “There is much TV to be watched.” / Via Reddit: Nursesally

6. “… No really. I have to catch up before Sunday.” / Via Reddit: K9Cole

7. “I’m right in the middle of this chapter.” / Via Reddit: Lori0712

8. “… Okay, I’m not, but I’m TRYING to be right in the middle of this chapter.” / Via Reddit: ghostwriter23

9. “I have a hot date with a piece of pizza.” / Via Reddit: Narthax

10. “I have to hug it out.” / Via Reddit: teacuptrooper

11. “Um, internet? Maybe you’ve heard of it?” / Via Reddit: bwaredapenguin

12. “If I don’t do laundry I will literally have to leave the house naked tomorrow.” / Via Reddit: prosyntax

13. “My friend needs a shoulder to cry on.” / Via Reddit: Vlaed

14. *Already unconscious* / Via Reddit: Starfucks13

15. “Gonna grab me some tub ‘n bubbles time!” / Via Reddit: mister_pim

16. “I have to organize my collection.” / Via Reddit: cloversnbluemoons

17. “I have to eat all of the food I own. It may take a while.” / Via Reddit: Redrunner33

18. “Netflix.” / Via Reddit: Gnovaa

19. “I’m overdue for some Me Time.” / Via Reddit: Roshambo_You

20. “I have play practice.” / Via Reddit: moshe1

21. “I’m building a fort.” / Via Reddit: NoAmmoNoHonor

22. “How about: ‘I JUST DON’T WANT TO’??”


“… Yup. Totally made the right choice.”


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