17 Times Llamas Were Majestic

Llama faaaaaace.

1. When this fellow made great strides in personal style.

ID: 2949943

2. When this lady was JUST. NOT. HAVING. IT.

ID: 2950485

3. When this guy knew exactly how to work his selfie game.

ID: 2950066

4. When this guy smiled through his confusion.

ID: 2950084

5. When this gaggle of fluffs got curious.

ID: 2950868

6. When this graceful fairy herded sheep.

ID: 2950118

7. When this dude knew exactly where the camera was.

ID: 2950147

8. When this little fellow was knocked for a loop.

ID: 2951322

9. When this cuddler couldn’t wait for Christmas.

ID: 2950161

10. When this gent had a casual day off.

ID: 2950193

11. When this bro got real excited about cuddles.

ID: 2951471

12. When this princess bestowed a kiss on one of her subjects.

ID: 2950197

13. When this lovely lady showed her best smile.

ID: 2950061

14. When this spitter let everyone know who’s boss.

ID: 2950519

15. When this tumbler decided to do some calisthenics.

ID: 2950893

16. When this diva said “YOU WISH.”

ID: 2951336

17. Oh, and that time when llamas were NOTHING SHORT OF MAGICAL.

ID: 2950212

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