This Corgi And This Baby Are BFFs And It Is Everything

Um, can someone get Disney on this, stat?

1. Meet Wilbur (the Corgi) and Claire (the baby).

Chris Lowe
ID: 2683987

2. Wilbur and baby Claire have had a special friendship since the day Claire came home from the hospital.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684032

3. Says owner (and father!) Chris Lowe, “When we first brought her home we held onto his collar and (he) gave her a good sniff, and ever since then he pretty much follows her everywhere.”

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684045

4. Wilbur never likes to be too far away from his friend.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684049

5. Pretty curious about this tiny adorable human.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684060

6. Apparently he’s even taken to sleeping next to her crib.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684745

7. He still doesn’t quiiiiiite understand that she’s not big enough to play.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684076

8. Says Chris, “The cutest thing is when she’s doing tummy time on the floor and he lies down next to her.”

Chris Lowe

(Also, TIL that babies apparently do “tummy time” and that sounds adorable also).

ID: 2684116

9. Sometimes he keeps her entertained while she gets ready for bed.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684123

10. Occasionally Claire gives him life advice…

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684136

11. … but it’s super uncool if you interrupt their sessions.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684145

12. He is literally the most attentive pal you could ever ask for.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2685182

13. And no matter how big Claire gets, it’s pretty clear that Wilbur will always have her back.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684301

14. Because that’s how Best Buddies roll.

Chris Lowe
ID: 2684310

15. Check out the entirety of the cuteness here!

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