16 Baby Skunks Who Are Freaking Adorable

Set aside your stink discrimination, people.

1. “Guess I’ll just hang out here…”

ID: 2756089

2. “… Ah, found the perfect spot.”

ID: 2756168

3. “You are no match for my fierce, tiny chomps!”

ID: 2756483

4. “… Um, no, I’m pretty sure MY tail is fluffier.”

ID: 2756175

5. “La la la, sniffin’ leaves is my favorite!”

ID: 2756185

6. “Ahh, hits the spot!”

ID: 2756227

7. “Um, I am ALWAYS down for artsy, nighttime, high-contrast photo shoots. Do you even have to ask?”

ID: 2756213

8. “Psh! I can totally be a dog! It’s so easy. See?”

ID: 2756469

9. “Make sure to get me from my good side. Yeah, get a nice profile angle.”

ID: 2756219

10. “Egads! These flowers are ENORMOUS!”

ID: 2756262


ID: 2756505

12. “Easy there, champ, watch the stripes.”

ID: 2756296

13. “No way! I’m not scared! But you should definitely go first…”

ID: 2756309

“… Right behind you! We swear!”

ID: 2756322

14. “Wheeee stuffed animals are the best!”

ID: 2756577

15. “Dang. I get why the cat is so protective of this stuff! Salty yet satisfying!”

ID: 2756334

16. “RAWR! You cannot escape me! Unless you rub my tummy, that will probably work…”

ID: 2766143

Oh come on, like Bambi didn’t teach you that skunks were super cute.

ID: 2766607

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