16 Baby Skunks Who Are Freaking Adorable

Set aside your stink discrimination, people.

1. “Guess I’ll just hang out here…”

2. “… Ah, found the perfect spot.”

3. “You are no match for my fierce, tiny chomps!”


4. “… Um, no, I’m pretty sure MY tail is fluffier.”

5. “La la la, sniffin’ leaves is my favorite!”

6. “Ahh, hits the spot!”

7. “Um, I am ALWAYS down for artsy, nighttime, high-contrast photo shoots. Do you even have to ask?”

8. “Psh! I can totally be a dog! It’s so easy. See?”


9. “Make sure to get me from my good side. Yeah, get a nice profile angle.”

10. “Egads! These flowers are ENORMOUS!”



12. “Easy there, champ, watch the stripes.”

13. “No way! I’m not scared! But you should definitely go first…”

“… Right behind you! We swear!”

14. “Wheeee stuffed animals are the best!”


15. “Dang. I get why the cat is so protective of this stuff! Salty yet satisfying!”

16. “RAWR! You cannot escape me! Unless you rub my tummy, that will probably work…”


Oh come on, like Bambi didn’t teach you that skunks were super cute.


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