17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks

“What the heck is this thing on my face??”

1. “Let’s see, what happens if I… WHOA!!”

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2. “All right, snack time here I come — aw, crap.”

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3. “Unroll! Unroll yourself!”

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4. “Look, Mom, I can do it too! See? See?”

ID: 2740239

5. “I guess I can use this as a pretty sweet pinwheel?”

ID: 2739394

6. “Wheee, got my power grip on!”

ID: 2739391

7. “Aw yiss, gonna pick up ALL the ladies with my sweet trunk moves.”

ID: 2739432

8. “Aw, how come your trunk’s bigger than mine?”

ID: 2740100

9. “Sweet, I can pick up grub!”

ID: 2740110

10. “…you have to stop getting in the way, trunk!”

ID: 2740393

11. “Whoa, whoa, whoa… What the heck is that smell? Oh, it’s me.”

ID: 2740161


ID: 2740175

13. “Yeah yeah yeah! Check out my tender shoots, haters!”

ID: 2740297

14. “Oh yes, hello! I…oh…um…urgh.”

ID: 2740507

15. “C’mere, gimme your face.”

ID: 2740561

16. “…I’ll just leave this right here.”

ID: 2740568

17. “OK, how the heck…did I do this…?”

ID: 2740309

Don’t worry, little dudes! You’ll get the hang of those trunks one day!

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