MLB Teams Parody Taylor Swift On Twitter

It’s a love story, baby just say– WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING?

1. *Press play*

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ID: 3103133
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ID: 3103139

@SFGiants @MLB see you make your way through the crowd and say, "Hello!"

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers)
ID: 3103140

@Dodgers @SFGiants Little did I know ...

— MLB (@MLB)
ID: 3103143

@MLB @Dodgers That you were Rom(e)o, you were throwing pebbles

— San Francisco Giants (@SFGiants)
ID: 3103145

@SFGiants @MLB @Dodgers And my daddy said stay away from Juliet

— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds)
ID: 3103147

@Reds @SFGiants @MLB And I was crying on the staircase begging you, "Please let me go!" And Kirk said:

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers)
ID: 3103152

@Dodgers @Reds @SFGiants @MLB Please take me somewhere we can be alone!

— Milwaukee Brewers (@Brewers)
ID: 3103154

@Brewers @Dodgers @SFGiants @MLB I’ll be waiting all theres left to do is run

— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds)
ID: 3103156

.@MLB @Indians @SFGiants @Reds @Brewers @Dodgers rock on!

— Mr. Met (@MrMet)
ID: 3103669

14. How ‘bout that.

ID: 3103182

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