Twins Raised By Two Moms Are Salutatorian And Valedictorian

And they say gay couples shouldn’t be parents.

1. Meet Liz and Erin Czerwinski, Salutatorian and Valedictorian of Key West High School.

2. Here they are again, pictured with their two moms, Caroline and Sharon.

3. Oh — and they’re twins.

4. Clearly, gay parents are doing alright.

A recent study found that kids raised by gay parents fared just as well than those raised by straight parents. In fact, the study found that kids raised by gay parents were more healthy and are closer to their families. Seems like they’re doing pretty well on intelligence, too.

5. Says Liz Czerwinski, Salutatorian:

“When I’m asked how it has been to be raised by two moms, it’s hard to say anything other than amazing. It has always felt normal to me and sometimes I even forget that it’s something unique. I feel very lucky to have had such supportive and loving parents.”

6. And Erin Czerwinski, Valedictorian, says:

“It’s definitely different being raised by two moms, but the community of Key West has always been supportive. We have a lot of loving people down here that have made Liz and I feel very comfortable. I wouldn’t want to trade my family experience for anything.”

7. Congrats, Liz and Erin!

And bravo to the wonderful moms who raised them.

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