This Clothing Guarantees You’ll Never Be Mistaken For Straight Again

Queer femme girls are often assumed to be straight. Follow these tips to never be incorrectly identified.

1. It’s true, it’s really hard to feel like you look “gay enough” when you’re a queer femme woman.

Everyone assumes you’re straight, so men hit on you all the time, and women don’t think you’d be into them. Plus, there’s that whole “You’re not really gay” thing. Please.

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2. But you won’t have to worry about this ever again, because we’ve found clothing that will make you look undeniably gay.

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3. There’s this shirt, which will alert and confuse any potential female suitors:

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4. Or this sweatshirt, with the added appeal of a neon cat:

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5. You can get specific by wearing this shirt:

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6. The sparkles make this belt buckle extra fun:

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7. This is super fashionable at the same time as being informative:

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8. This can’t be healthy, but you do you.

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10. This headband literally slaps it on your forehead for everyone to see:

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11. This hat has the added benefit of keeping you cozy and warm:

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12. This is super subtle, so people would have to get pretty close to you to get it:

That could be a really great pick-up line, actually.

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13. Try wearing this under all of your clothes all the time:

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14. Wear this ONLY if you have great self esteem.

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15. This ONLY if you are angry:

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16. And this ONLY if you are hyper and happy.

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17. This shirt comes on strong so you don’t have to.

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18. Wasn’t aware you there was a school for this, but hey, represent!

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19. You can wear this even when you’re working out!

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20. I guess you could do this, but you might want to trim your nails. Really.

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21. Let’s hope this at least gets the point across:

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22. Or, you know, people could stop assuming every femme girl is straight.


Just an idea.

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