The 20 Steps Of U-Hauling

Moving in with your girlfriend is a big thing. Make sure you know these undeniable truths before you go for it.

1. You’ve been dating your girlfriend for a while, and it’s going really well.

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2. You start realizing that you spend every night together anyway.

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3. So you bring it up, and talk about it for a really long time.

There are a lot of feelings to process.

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4. Finally, you will start looking for apartments.

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5. Every realtor will think you’re “roommates.”

No, for the last time, we are NOT looking for a two-bedroom apartment.

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6. Finally, you will find a place.

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7. And, yes, you will rent a U-HAUL.

It will be embarrassing.

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8. You will have to decide to throw away some of your flannels.

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9. The cats will have to go in their carriers.

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10. There will probably not be enough room for both of your complete sets of The L Word.

You’ll survive.

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11. You will get your clothes mixed up repeatedly.

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12. But then you’ll realize your wardrobe just doubled in size.

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13. It will probably be impossible to find a good lesbian bar near you.

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14. Your girlfriend might find all of the old love letters you kept.

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15. Your neighbors will be overly friendly and supportive.

Cool! You’re not homophobic! I get it!

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16. Your friends will get annoyed by the number of selfies with your cats that you post.

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17. And they won’t understand why you never go out with them anymore.

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18. Now that you’re living together, you’ll start “processing your feelings” even more.

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Seriously. It won’t stop.

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And there will be nowhere else to go.


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19. But you’ll be really happy.

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And because of that, you know you’re going to do it no matter what.

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20. Congratulations on successfully U-HAULing.

And good luck.

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