That Girl From Katy Perry’s New Lyric Video Is Actually The Love Of Your Life

Just try to get through this post without kissing your computer screen.

1. The new Katy Perry music video came out on Saturday.

2. While watching it, you may have been distracted from the lyrics because of this person:


3. Who is this literally perfect human being gracing my screen?


4. How can someone look so heartbroken and perfect at the same time?


6. The model is Erika Linder, and she is the answer to all of your prayers.

7. She’s originally from Sweden, where she became a model at age 20.

8. She does menswear modeling:

9. But she kills the femme thing too.

10. Basically, she’s devastating.

11. She loves plaid and beanies!

12. This French bulldog is also in awe of her beauty.

13. And this pomeranian simply cannot get enough of her.

14. This chihuahua is just shocked that she gets to be naked with her:

15. She is also musically gifted.


17. But not only is she gorgeous, she’s also INCREDIBLY SWEET.

Omg brb have to go curl up into the fetal position and sob softly.

18. She, of course, was the cutest kid ever.

19. She also did an amazing gender-bending photo shoot with Andrej Pejic:

Elyse Walker / FORWARD

20. To whom she sent this “birthday card”:

@Andrej_Pejic Happy Birthday Princess <3 (This is how a bday card should look like)

— ErikaLinder (@Erika Linder)

21. How is this real????!!!??!!!

22. Why is this cake upsetting you, Erika? I WILL KILL THAT CAKE.

23. But remember….

... I'm more than just a "pretty face" ;)

— ErikaLinder (@Erika Linder)

24. Welcome to your new obsession.

25. Sorry it had to be this way.

26. *Explodes*

I prefer tiny beds while sleeping next to someone. Mmmm

— ErikaLinder (@Erika Linder)

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