Definitive Proof That Ellen Page And Alia Shawkat Would Be The Perfect Couple

From Bust magazine to Amsterdam, they make any backdrop look perfect.

1. Alia Shawkat and Ellen Page are pretty close.

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2. They always have a very exciting time together.

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3. They do beautiful things together.

Ellen Page


LA freestyling on a rock with Shawkat jonze n page

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4. They seem to have a really fun time in museums.

They can’t even stop giggling!

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5. They have similar interests, like SPORTS.

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6. Ellen really likes to tweet about Alia.

Put the lime in the Shawkat and you get an Alia

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage)

Ellen Page


Put the lime in the Shawkat and you get an Alia

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7. She thinks Alia’s adorable.

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8. Which is good, because Alia thinks Ellen is cute.

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10. They sang possibly the worst cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’” together and it was adorable.

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11. And they both look great wearing plaid:

Mark Von Holden / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


That alone should be enough of a reason why they should date.

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12. AND they both look great in formal wear.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images


Can you imagine how great they would look attending a red carpet event together dressed like this? CAN YOU?

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13. Ellen will always make sure to protect Alia from other people.

ID: 1631172

Which is good, because as we all know, Alia was sadly turned down by Tegan Quin.

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14. They are extremely passionate about each other.

Ellen: When I watch Alia Shawkat work, it’s a surge, a rush.
Alia: Almost like an orgasm, right? Something similar.
Ellen: An orgasm of inspiration.

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