21 Times Rickie Vasquez From “My So-Called Life” Spoke Directly To Your Heart

Rayanne Graff doesn’t deserve you, beautiful boy.

1. When all he wanted to do was hang out in the girls’ bathroom.

ID: 1779650

2. And when he danced around that bathroom as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

ID: 1773657

3. When he watched porn with an investigative eye.

ID: 1773613

4. When he expressed what we’re all feeling, all the time.

ID: 1773639

5. When he outed himself as a loner.

ID: 1773656

6. When he proved he was a fiercely loyal friend.

ID: 1773595

7. And when he was super cuddly, too.


ID: 1773659

8. When he deftly pointed out key personality traits.

ID: 1773685

9. When he wore this vest.

ID: 1773754

10. And then when he wore it again with ANOTHER outfit.

Forget Angela, Rickie was the true fashion icon of the ‘90’s.

ID: 1773692

11. When he made you cry over Rayanne with him.

Even though she WASN’T WORTH IT, RICKIE.

ID: 1773705

12. When his desperation to be “normal” broke you into tiny pieces.

ID: 1774120

13. And when that didn’t work out, he gave this consolation prize.

ID: 1773751

14. When he was the sassiest person to ever attend high school.

ID: 1777398

15. When he did a great job of side-eyeing misogyny.

ID: 1777405

16. When his body language directly related to how you feel all the time.

ID: 1777417

17. When he shared his unlimited expertise on how girls date.

ID: 1777458

18. And he provided expert boy advice.

ID: 1777564

19. And makeup advice.

Let’s face it: Rickie pulled off makeup better than anyone else on this show did.

ID: 1778517

20. When he facilitated two people coming together in love.

ID: 1778381

21. And, of course, when he demonstrated literally the best dance moves in history.

ID: 1773604

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