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21 Cake Toppers For Your Fabulously Unique Gay Wedding

Ding, dong, DOMA’s dead! Here are some cake toppers for your perfect gay wedding cake.

1. Porcelain cake toppers:

Don’t worry, the artist can paint faces on them so they don’t look like creepy ghost lesbians.

2. Zombie cake toppers:

Because you’ll be together even after death.

8. Dove cake toppers:


Apparently what distinguishes the genders is an absence or presence of a little black top hat.

9. And more:


Here, what distinguishes them is bow-tie or veil plus a special sign.

14. Adorable polymer cake topper:


Also, they’re the only ones I could find where one of the women was wearing a suit.

15. Dragon cake toppers:

Dragons probably don’t have gender. Right?

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