11 Excuses We Tell Our Parents So We Can Do What We Want

If there’s even a tiny bit that’s true, it’s technically not a lie, right?

1. “My friend got a new car, so she’s gonna take just a couple of us out for a test drive! We’ll be safe.”

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2. “Julie’s parents will be there the whole time, so you have nothing to worry about.”

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3. “My best friend’s boyfriend just broke up with her, so we’re gonna go out for a low-key dinner to cheer her up.”

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4. “I don’t know… lay on the beach, go sightseeing. What else would we do on spring break?”

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5. “I met him on a Christian dating website. He really is a sweet guy.”

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6. “I’m going to visit cousin Joey at his college for the weekend. He’s giving me a tour of the campus…”

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7. “…but don’t worry, I’m staying with my friend because I know you don’t trust Joey very much.”

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8. “It’s just a school dance. I’ll probably just be standing against the wall talking to my friends.”

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9. “It’s summer! We just want to go watch the game and eat Cracker Jacks. Pleeeeease?”

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10. “My BFF’s having a study group tonight at her house. Mind if I go?”

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11. “It’s so nice out, so we’re just gonna go for a stroll around the neighborhood.”

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