Why Is Urban Outfitters Bringing Back The WORST Of The ’80s And ’90s?

Oh do we ever have answers.

1. Because they really want to see you fall.

Bee-tee-dubs, these also light up a la L.A. Gear and only cost $180.00.

ID: 1027580

2. Because when you wear these earrings, your hair and your troll doll’s hair will become one.

ID: 1027583

3. Because you’d love to pay five times the amount you originally paid for the sweatshirt you bought at Wal-Mart and wore every day of third grade.

ID: 1027674

4. Because this is actually highbrow, right? Like, a concept shirt based on your childhood sheets. It’s almost Warholian.

ID: 1027668

5. Because Dr. Martens are not ’90s enough alone; they deserve a coating of crushed velvet.

ID: 1027596

6. Because they believe you might be foolishly nostalgic enough to bring back the Candie’s style.

ID: 1027603

7. Because Hot Topic had some deadstock they needed to unload.

ID: 1027608

8. Because L.A. Gear had some deadstock to unload.

P.S. You should totally wear this with those rainbow light-up sneakers.

ID: 1027617

9. Because remember how amazing you were at drawing fake rings on your fingers?

ID: 1027742

10. Because velvet overalls are just so confusingly ugly, that you might just be peer-pressured into thinking they’re cool.

ID: 1027620

11. Because YAAYYY Blossom Russo?


ID: 1027616

12. Because a;woeirjadkf.

ID: 1027743

13. Because, no, these aren’t the bindis you wore in the late ’90s. Urban has rebranded them as “face gems.” That’s tooootally different.

ID: 1027745

14. Because…I don’t even know why.

ID: 1027749

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