15 Weird Vending Machines Of The ’60s

Eggs, lightbulbs, and whiskey at the touch of a button.

1. If you urgently needed a clock in Germany, just head down to the corner and pick one up.


2. Here’s a Macy’s vending machine that sold men’s shorts for only 97 cents!

George Mattson/__username__

3. That’s actually Harpo Marx surprising someone on Candid Camera from inside a Coca-Cola vending machine.

CBS Photo Archive/__username__

4. Here’s a machine selling air insurance at Newark Airport.

Joseph Scherschel/Time Life Pictures/__username__

5. A beer vending machine? Yes, please!

Daily Express/Archive Photos/__username__

6. Here, a vending machine selling Calpis, a Japanese beverage described as having “a light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic flavor, similar to plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt…” YUM.

Mario De Biasi;Giorgio Lotti;Walter Mori/__username__

7. Worms at the push of a button.

hil Slattery/__username__

8. Lemonade vending machines in Moscow.


9. Instant books!


10. Pantyhose on-the-go in France.


11. Potatoes ‘round the clock are totally useful.

Chris Ware/Keystone/__username__

12. Here’s a machine dispensing handy lightbulbs.


13. Not the most exciting vending machine — dispensing lumps of coal in France — but still useful once upon a time.


14. The egg-o-matic seems like a pretty great idea so long as they don’t get crushed coming out the slot.

Chris Ware/Keystone Features/__username__

15. The best for last: the whiskey vending machine. Official plea to get one of these for the BuzzFeed office.

Ron Case/Keystone/__username__

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