Unanswered Mysteries From Julia Stiles’ 1999 Calvin Klein Ad

Namely, isn’t this just Kate Moss?

1. Here’s Julia Stiles at 18-years-old posing for a Calvin Klein Jeans ad.

It’s a slightly puzzling ad, don’t you think? It may cause you to ask yourself the following questions…

ID: 1097785

2. Who is Julia calling? Or has she just gotten off the phone with someone?

ID: 1097895

3. Has she run out of quarters?

ID: 1097896

4. Why is she crying?

ID: 1097897

5. Is she crying because she has no more quarters?

ID: 1097898

6. Is the phone booth located in a jungle?

ID: 1097899

7. OMG, is it the phone booth from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

ID: 1097919

8. But, more importantly, did you also notice how much Julia resembles CK it-girl Kate Moss?


ID: 1097765

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