This 1950s Tightrope Wedding Is Terrifying

What is wrong with you people?

Here’s a 1950s newsreel from British Pathé documenting a wedding in Toulouse, France. It was not an ordinary wedding. It was a terrifying wedding. That took place high in the air. On a piece of rope.

ID: 1572931

2. Here comes the bride…

ID: 1573060

3. The bride and groom meet at the “altar.”

ID: 1573062

4. This poor dude is all, “I did not sign up for this shit.”

ID: 1573068

5. Hooray! The couple does not die, but the best man needs to be escorted back to safety.

ID: 1573075

6. Check out this hilarious clip here:

ID: 1572810

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