31 Things You Desperately Needed From The Delia’s Summer ‘96 Catalog

Blue lipstick, Dickies pants, and chunky platforms! Someone has put up magical scans and you need to see them.

Sightings of ’90s dELiA’s catalogs are rare and to be treasured. So muchos, muchos thanks to I Heart The Nineties for putting up scans of an old Summer 1996 dELiA’s catalog.

Bless your heart, dear blogger. Bless.

ID: 1528356

1. Bright graphic button-ups with matching pants.

ID: 1527767

2. A dAIsy fLOWEr RinG!

ID: 1527792

3. Yes to the dress! (Yes to the striped tank, too.)

ID: 1528308

4. You love everything about the way this girl looks. You are so CoOL, dELiA*s model.

ID: 1528317

5. But Mom, I need this little spring dress for school.

ID: 1527810

6. Roxy Roxy Roxy! Rainbow platform flip-flops!

ID: 1527888

7. Pink. Plaid. Hip. Huggers.

ID: 1527913

8. Alllllll the accessories. Espesh that compass ring. You’ve never seen one of those before!

ID: 1527923

9. Badass bottle cap necklaces.

ID: 1527936

10. Either of these amaze purple dresses to wear to the dance.

ID: 1527949

11. A sexy black spaghetti strap dress that your father will hate.

ID: 1527968

12. A groovy peasant top. And you will also totally copy that hairstyle.

ID: 1527986

13. This very elegant floral maxi skirt.

ID: 1528006

14. OMG you are so excited to wear your new floral dress with a handkerchief headband AND your platform sandals.

ID: 1528020

15. Ugh you were totally the first one to swap your backpack for that Pan Am messenger bag. And then like five other girls in the 8th grade did it too.

ID: 1528032

16. You circle these pants because you know your mom will be OK with them and they’re school-appropriate.

ID: 1528043

17. Pretty much everything on this page. You’re a dELiA*s gurl through and through. You don’t just wear dELiA*s. You bathe in it, too.

ID: 1528059


ID: 1528065

19. This outfit. Too cute.

ID: 1528074

20. Oh hellz yes wallet chains.

ID: 1528087

21. A neon (!!!) sweater vest that’s just short enough to show off your new butterfly belly button ring.

ID: 1528100

22. A preppy skirt by Greed Girl. (Remember Greed Girl?!)

ID: 1528125

23. Some camo shorts for sure.

ID: 1528153

24. Oh man. The signature Delia’s tank.

ID: 1528167

25. You realize that your boobs probably won’t fill these bathing suits out yet…

ID: 1528174

26. …but whatever! You totally need that bikini that comes with…A SKIRT. A SKIRT. FOR THE SEA.

ID: 1528194

27. Yes to both. Your mother is going to have a fit when she sees how much you want.

ID: 1528209

28. Oh shoot. You really like this dress too, though. ARHGHHGH. So many things.

ID: 1528247

29. An astroturf purse? Seriously, how do you guys think of this stuff?

ID: 1528265

30. Yes to all. Basically, the ideal ’90s shoe collection for a teen. Covers all bases.

ID: 1528287

31. OK. Stay calm. That’s a skirt. WITH A MATCHING MINI-BACKPACK. What will they think of next? ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY DELIA.

ID: 1528234

You can see the full catalog here.

ID: 1528358

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