27 Things From “Friends” That Are Now Woefully Outdated

The one with Chandler’s laptop with built-in spreadsheet capabilities.

1. Loving Pottery Barn and not understanding those who don’t.

ID: 1832304

2. Calling it “the internet.” (At least in situations like this.)

ID: 1831848

3. The way the cabs were.

ID: 1833092

4. Bulky cordless phones.

ID: 1832102

5. Being this psyched over Hootie and the Blowfish.

ID: 1833287

6. Kangol hats.

ID: 1833358

7. Getting stock info from the TV.

ID: 1832813

8. Thinking the internet is a passing fad.

ID: 1832107

9. PlayStation IS whack. But so is saying “whack,” which you last heard 15 years ago.

ID: 1832109

10. Chandler’s excitement over this “high tech” machine.

ID: 1832445

11. Being able to meet people at the gate at the airport.

ID: 1833113

12. Sharing an answering machine with two other people…with a greeting as embarrassing as this:

ID: 1832591

13. Jean-Claude Van Damme.

ID: 1832668

14. Beepers.

ID: 1833193

15. Screening calls.

ID: 1833202

16. Truly blind dates.

ID: 1832690

17. Boys getting off on Baywatch.



ID: 1832725

18. Having to borrow someone else’s cell phone because you don’t own one. (Like Rachel did in this episode.)

ID: 1832700

19. VHS.

ID: 1832774

20. Although awesome, Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoof porn’s moment has passed.

ID: 1832789

21. The game show Pyramid.

ID: 1833054

22. Overalls…

ID: 1832829

23. Or worse yet, “mom” jeans.

ID: 1832871

24. Considering Chicken Soup for the Soul to be a wonderful read.

ID: 1832878

25. Carrying around an enormous boombox.

ID: 1832922

26. Checking your voicemail from a friend’s phone.

ID: 1832964

27. Men in vests. Gelled hair. Collarless shirts. EVERYTHING IN THIS PICTURE.

ID: 1831854

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