Then And Now: A Day At The Pet Spa

People have been pampering their furry friends for ages. The takeaway: cuteness is timeless.

1. Start off with a relaxing massage. In 1938, Greyhounds may have gotten “vibro massages.”

George W. Hales /__username__ / Getty Images

2. Head to the soaking tubs for a relaxing bath.

Orlando /__username__ / Getty Images

3. Get lathered up real good.

Central Press /__username__ / Getty Images

4. Towel dry first…

John Sadovy /__username__ / Getty Images

5. Then head to the hair dryers.

Evans /__username__ / Getty Images

6. Or get a hand-held blow dry.

Joe Raedle /__username__ / Getty Images

7. Give the coat a good brushing.

Fox Photos /__username__ / Getty Images

8. And perhaps opt for a new ‘do like a pooch perm (left) or a dye job.

General Photographic /__username__ / Getty Images

9. Products, people. Only the top of the line, naturally.

Wolfgang Pelikan /__username__ / Getty Images

10. Finally, finish off puppy’s new look with a professional manicure.

Hulton Archive /__username__ / Getty Images

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