The Evolution Of The $100 Bill

People are freaking out over the new $100 bills. Here’s how they looked in ye olden days.

1. Pre-1860s

When we didn’t have a centralized bank, private banks would issue their own notes. So your paper “money” might look different depending on what institution you got it at.

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2. 1860s

At this point — during the Civil War — these United States Notes or Legal Tender gained a nickname you’ve probably heard: Greenbacks.

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3. 1860s

The Confederacy actually had currency of their own. And it certainly reflected the values and circumstances of the South — this note depicts a slave loading cotton into a wagon.

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4. 1863

A very rare Gold Certificate. This would have represented actual gold coins. It’s up for auction with a starting bid of $900,000. So if you have money…to buy money…go for it.

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5. 1878

The introduction of Silver Certificates featured a portrait of James Monroe.

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6. 1880s

A $100 United States Note featuring Abraham Lincoln.

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7. 1890

Here’s what was called a Coin Note, to be used for purchase of “silver bullion” aka silver coins. And featured some general no one remembers.

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8. 1914

Here’s where the $100 bill gets its famous nickname — when Benjamin Franklin was finally put on the front.

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9. 1929

This year saw a big change — the bills shrank in physical size to become the dimensions we are now used to today.

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10. 1934

Minor physical changes. But the note no longer allowed the bearer to redeem it for gold.

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11. 1966

The back now features “In God We Trust.”

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12. 1990s

Remember these guys? These bills included security features like a metallic security strip.

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13. 1996

A major overhaul of the $100 bill brings a re-vamped design with even more security features — a hologram-like watermark, extremely small red and blue fibers, and black light capabilities. Damn, money is complicated.

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14. 2013

Voilà! Here’s your new Benjamin which apparently will come with a 3-D security ribbon and a ton of other space age shit.

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15. Then (1862) vs. Now (2013):

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