The 19 Most Ridiculous Things Said On MTV’s “Rich Girls”

Oh, the gems that Ally Hilfiger and her BFF Jamie gave us in 2003.

1. Ally on cargo pants.

ID: 988451

2. Jamie on cargo pants.

ID: 988609

3. Ally on finding bliss.

ID: 988457

4. Ally on losing bliss.

ID: 988480

5. Ally on total despair.

ID: 988482

6. Jamie on the thing no child has ever said.

ID: 988716

7. Ally on being a tortured artist.

ID: 988484

8. Ally on how she’s justifying the non-college thing.

ID: 988767

9. Ally on the things she’d like to learn.

ID: 988474

10. Ally on life-and-death issues.

ID: 988478

11. Jamie on life-and-death issues.

ID: 988607

12. Ally on the ethics of being neither of these people.

ID: 988467

13. Tommy Hilfiger on the heinous denim skirt his traitor daughter bought from Ralph Lauren.

ID: 988865

14. Tommy Hilfiger on that D-bag, Ralph Lauren. UGH U SUCK, RALPH.

ID: 988868

15. Jamie on her own genius.

ID: 988747

16. Ally on motherhood.

ID: 988486

17. Ally on never having to remove one’s shoes before getting on a plane.

ID: 988489

18. Ally on the painful and complicated decisions one must make.

ID: 988558

19. Jamie on possible urination incidents.

ID: 988650

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