22 Signs You’re Stuck Between Gen X And Millennials

You’re not Gen X, but you’re not Gen Y either. Here’s what it’s like being caught in between two generations.

1. You were born between 1975 and 1982.

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2. You don’t identify as being either Gen X or Gen Y, but when pressed, you’d rather be seen as a Gen Xer.

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3. You feel your identity is slightly mixed up, like millennials are the bubbly, naive side of you, and Gen X is the cynical, pessimistic side.

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4. You’re a Nirvana fan, but you weren’t old enough to go to a show (or your parents wouldn’t let you).

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5. You can’t name more than three ’90s Nickeleodeon shows.

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6. You have no idea who Lizzie McGuire is.

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7. Gen X had The Electric Company, Gen Y had All That, but you had You Can’t Do That on Television.

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8. You got your first email address in college…

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9. But filled out your college applications on a typewriter.

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10. Whenever Time has done one of these huge generation pieces, you never feel as though they’re talking about you.

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11. When you hear the word “turtle,” you think of this:

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12. You never had a beeper.

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13. And you didn’t get a cell phone until you were at least 22… Meanwhile, your little sister had already had one for a couple years.

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14. You watched The Voyage of the Mimi as a kid.

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15. You saw Reality Bites and were sure that that was what your early twenties was going to be like.

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16. And then it totally was.

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17. You may use OkCupid, but you’re paranoid that someone you know will see your profile.

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18. You actually drank Orbitz.

ID: 1380671

19. And Zima.

ID: 1380849

20. You were (and maybe still are) into New Kids on the Block.

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21. You feel torn between valuing the old and completely embracing the new.

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22. But, for all the things that make you feel confused and generation-less, you realize that you can kind of pick the best of both worlds.

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